Damon Wynn – Projects

Meet the Owner Damon Wynn

Damon Wynn has worked in the home improvement industry since 1996. Wynn’s Painting was created when he decided to paint houses while in college. Over time Wynn’s Painting evolved into Wynn’s Services, LLC, so now Damon creates organized solutions for his clients that cover multiple needs in a systematized order.

Damon believes trust and communication are the foundation of any relationship and the service industry of home remodeling is no different and can always be improved upon. “I’m always looking to stay ahead of the curve with education and self-improvement, as well in the services I can offer to my clients.” Damon excels in providing quality services to answer customer-specific solutions.

Julie Strunk – Administrative Coordinator

Julie Strunk has worked diligently from a young age. Those early experiences honed her for the hard work of operating “Instant Trees”, the family business of transplanting very large trees for twenty-nine years. “I learned a lot over the years including a strong, dedication and determination to consistently offer the very highest quality service.”

Julie still leaves time for self-improvement having earned a two-year horticultural degree, a two-year associate degree in Information Technology, and then in 2017 completed her bachelor’s degree in Applied Business Administration at the University of Cincinnati with Magna Cum Laude Honors.